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Rules & News [15 Aug 2018|06:47pm]
Clear & Simple.

#1 - NO bullying
#2 - NO planning lines for days and then dropping them. It's not polite. Just be straight with the other person. We are all adults in this community.
#3 -NO exposing the IJ name of a writer you had a line with (or where plotting with) and went wrong. In any other communities in where people good to whine.

If you break Rules #1 & #3 (and have hard proof) you will be inmediatly expelled from the community.

I created this place for writers to feel safe. If you start talking bad or gossiping about someone because your line didn't work? It's no one's problem but your own.

Take your frustrations in and suck it up. The writing world isn't all too nice sometimes. I won't allow anyone in this community to make it worst.



I will check in whenever I can. I'm busy. So be kind to one another. To the applicants? Be patient. I'll approve you wherever I can. I promise.

Thank you.
Your Mod-

Application [04 Oct 2017|05:31pm]


If you want to Co-Mod. Leave me a message in the comments! I could do with two or three co-mods 🙂

I want to let everyone know that we have IP address log in, ON. But it's ONLY to filter rude people. So don't worry when IJ warns you about it.

I wish we shouldn't have to take such measures but this is a 0 bulling tolerance community. So we will do anything we can-
to protect our members.

I hope you understand and I apologize for the inconvenience.

The Mod.

[04 Oct 2017|05:29pm]

his Asylum is dedicated to all writers over the age of 30/ 35 years old who can't find someone to write with in the usual communities which seem to have been taken over by twenty something's or even younger people.

Please. Don't take offence in this. It's just that sometimes, some of us prefer to write with people closer to our ages and more experience in life.

There is also the matter of:

* Communication. Which I found sometimes it's not the same between younger people and older than 30.

* Fandoms. Some of which younger people have barely even heard of and we still would love to write.

* Actors & Actresses. Sure we watch TV. Movies and we read. We keep adding PBs and characters to our lists all the time!

But truth is. Sometimes we go to the usual communities and we have NO idea who the person in the icon is! (This doesn't makes us old. We just don't move in the places that perhaps you do. Like perhaps you guys want to play people from reality shows. You tubers. Fighters from the Mixed Martial Arts. Wrestlers. etc. And some of us are just not interested in that)

This is a place in where people who wants to PSL or find partners for GPSLs around their age. They can.

Needless to say. If you are under 30 years old you won't be accepted in the community. I'm sorry. I'm doing this with the hope to make a place in where my decade can find partners who will hopefully communicate and commit like we used to years ago.

* To join the community please fill in the short application and wait to be accepted.


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